On March 4, 2017, Los Angeles Mission College along with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
of the Greater San Fernando Valley hosted its annual Noche De Ciencias event. With the help of
students from SHPE LAMC, SHPE CSUN, and other student volunteers the event was a huge success. The
purpose of the event is to inspire K-12 students to pursue STEM careers and inform their parents on the
college experience and how they can best support them. It was a fun filled day of hands on science
experiments designed to give students an introduction into Engineering, Physics and the Life Sciences.

Middle school students stayed on the campus center while their parents attended educational
workshops. Featured activities were Gum Drop Bridges, Straw Towers, Elephant Toothpaste, and Egg
lander. It was a challenge for students to pick the activities they wanted to do since all of them were
engaging and interesting. The workshop facilitators did an outstanding job instructing students and
explaining the scientific principles behind each exercise.

Hector Perez, a graduate of UC Berkeley who received a Phd in Engineering, served as the keynote
speaker. He inspired the crowd by sharing his life story and reminding those present that with
determination, one can accomplish their dreams.

High school students attended activities in the Center for Math and Science building. Professor Stephen
Brown conducted an informational workshop entitled “Molecules and Microbes”. Professor Richard
Rains applied physics principles to his workshop entitled “ Experiencing Speed and Acceleration with
your Body.” Dr. Valdovinos from CSUN presented his own research in the field of Biomedical. The
feedback we received for each workshop was positive. High school students rotated amongst the three
workshops and had the opportunity to engage in two interactive activities called Machine Design and
Design Challenge. At the end of the night, students were taken into the auditorium where they were
given the chance to ask questions of a STEM panel consisting of professional engineers and engineering
students. It was an energizing and highly motivating experience for all who attended. We are hoping
that more students from our local K-12 schools will chose a science pathway in the future.

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers of the Greater San Fernando Valley would like to thank
everyone who made it a success and would also like to thank Los Angeles Mission College for hosting the
event year after year!

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